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“Mm Good” is what my mom would say every time she ate something that tasted great, she would put her finger to her cheek and twist it and say “mm good” and we knew we just had to try it…my cooking is a reflection of my mom and I am grateful for all she taught me.

My name is Patty Limatola-Tanenbaum and I am a “certified chef” who graduated from the Westlake Culinary Institute.  While I have the experience from culinary school, I’m really only a home cook that loves to experiment and try new things.  I am a single mom of two teenaged children and everyday my children teach me invaluable lessons about life.

I am adding Travel/Restaurant Reviews to my blog and I will also attempt to recreate some of my favorite recipes from my outings.  If you know of a great restaurant, please email me as I’d love to explore new locations.

I am currently teaching classes as well, if you would alike to attend a class or would like to host a party where I teach you and your friends how to cook, please email me.

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